The Keeping of the Survivor Tree

With yet another September passing, people all around the United States were remembering the effects of 9/11, and that included one irrigation company who has been part of the monitoring team for the various trees planted at the 9/11 memorial. Among the memorial are hundreds of trees that were planted as a means of showing… Read more »

Tremendous Nursery Deals at End of Summer

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it seems as though another season of gardening has come and gone. However, here at Cold Stream Farm, we know that veteran gardeners are looking forward to this time of year for all of the great bargains it can bring. As this article published by The Portland… Read more »

The World’s Oldest Sugar Maple

Here at Cold Stream Farm, we are freshly stocked with a great inventory of shrubs, trees and other plant life that will help you build the landscape design of your dreams. Every once in a while, we like to take a close look at some of the varieties we sell and see how those varieties… Read more »

The Most Famous Trees

We often don’t think of buildings or trees or animals as famous, except cats, but strangely enough we do know about a number of trees across the world, sometimes through religion and other times just through sheer shock that a tree or tree colony can live so long and still keep going. And that’s the… Read more »

Speeding Seasons and Changing Leaves

Many people have been concerned lately, as photos have been popping up showing trees already starting to change their colors. The speculation around winter coming so soon had people worried, but based on various tree experts there shouldn’t be any alarm. It’s common for a few trees here and there to show some different colors… Read more »

Watching Trees from Space

With forests measuring in the millions of acre space just in the United States, it has always been difficult to correctly monitor and check up on trees. There’s just far too many, that it would be a full time job for thousands of people to keep track of. So while the information is nice to… Read more »

All the Fruit of a Single Tree

If there was ever an impossible project to come true, it had to be the mythical tree of a thousand fruit. Although not quite a thousand, Sam Van Aken has managed to produce over a dozen trees that can bear forty different kinds of fruit. The trees have been planted around the United States and… Read more »

The Threat of American Brown Rot

Here at Cold Stream Farm, we offer our customers a wide range of deciduous trees to use in their landscaping design plans, including some intriguing fruit-bearing trees. From cherry to plum to apricot, our wholesale deciduous tree inventory contains some very fruity options, which will insert some sweet flavor into any outdoor grove. It’s of… Read more »

A New Way to See Healthy Trees

Could tree doctors be a new thing in the future? Well maybe not, but we are learning methods to check on the health of various trees, like the recent sonic tomograph used by the Urban Forestry division in Missoula. The Urban Forestry division has been cataloguing the trees among the streets all over Missoula, and… Read more »

Genetic Engineering, Trees and Carbon Fiber

Genetic engineering…still sounds the stuff of science fiction, doesn’t it? Well it seems nowadays everything is being genetically engineered, including trees. Moreover, some think of genetically engineering them so that they become giving trees. Trees already give us so much, like wood and paper, but in about fifty years, they may give us carbon fiber…. Read more »

The Science of Old Trees [Video]

Here at Cold Stream Farm, we’re very interested in how our work can help to improve the environment and counteract the effects of pollution in neighborhoods across America. Shrubs, trees and various forms of plant life thrive off of the carbon given off by our cars, factories and more. The scientific world is always making… Read more »

How Do Trees Age?

Whether they are willing to admit it or not, most people are not looking forward to aging. Sure, young children may wish they were older and didn’t have to listen to their parents, but for most of us, aging is not fun. In fact, reducing and covering up signs of aging is a multibillion dollar… Read more »