Choosing the Correct Shrub

Choosing the correct shrub for your yard starts with deciding on function and then moves to deciding between forms. There are a few reasons to install shrubbery in your yard. Obviously, there is great aesthetic value, whether you’ve got your heart settled on a deciduous or coniferous variety. However, your options can be narrowed down when deciding what purpose you would like your new shrubs to serve.

Conifer Shrubs

For smaller properties, make a statement with the trending coniferous variety. These cone-bearing shrubs can function as dividers or accent pieces without overwhelming a property. There is a huge selection of colors available – ranging from soft blues to yellows and creams to traditional greens. And coniferous shrubs can come in a selection of shapes as well – weeping, prostrate, topiary or the traditional upright look.

Purposeful Shrubs

Olive, butterfly bush, potentilla and barberry bushes don’t require much rainfall, so if your area doesn’t see an abundance of rainfall, you can keep these shrubs thriving without hiking up your water bill. Deer are the number one threat to bushes, so choosing a thorny or prickly variety can save your new dividers and accent pieces. Aromatic foliage can also deter deer.

Spruce-Up the Wildlife

If you’re inviting wildlife into your yard, however, there are certain shrubs that are more attractive to animals. Holly, dogwood, viburnum and juniper will have wildlife flocking to your backyard.

For splashes of color, flowering shrubs are the way to go. PJM rhododendron and plum-leaf azalea usually flower reds. Forsythia and Andromeda will brighten up any outdoor space with brilliant hues of yellows and golds.

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