Conifers, Surviving Winter Climates

Conifers are cone bearing seed plants with the great majority being trees with just a few being shrubs.  A lot of cedars, Douglas-firs and cypress trees fall into this category.  Because of a lot of their shapes and downward drooping limbs, they are able to shed snow and survive in Northern climates.  They also have the unique ability to withstand freezing and are resistant to hardening.  Since most conifers are evergreens, they contain needles, but some do have leaves.  Because of their ability to survive winter climates, a lot of cities in the North rely on conifers to add to their landscape and designs in homes, offices and parks.  They withstand the brutal winters and are a great investment for this purpose.

We have a large selection of conifers with cedar, cypress, fir, hemlock, larch, pine, redwood, sequoia and spruce trees.  Each one of our conifers for sale has specifics on height, soil, climate, wildlife and care for the tree.  For any questions on what we have or if they are good for your environment, please feel free to give us a call.