Decorate Your Garden with Vines

Decorating and planting in your garden usually stops with the basic flowers and plants, but why not spruce up your garden with some vines to create a unique landscape?

Vines are rather interesting plants because they don’t grow like regular flowers. Vines are unique in that they grow according to their surroundings. If a vine is planted along a support system such as an arbor, pergola, or a garage, the vine will use that support to grow along it. Some vines will adapt without support and grow as shrubs.

The Beauty of Vines in Your Yard

If you’re really looking to change the way your landscape looks, investing in vine plants will allow you to do so. Vines will create a very natural and earthy feel to your garden. Build a small arbor and plant vines on each side, so they will grow along the structure creating shelter for you to sit under.

Vines can produce flowers and seeds throughout different seasons and change colors as well. This is what makes them very beautiful to have around your landscape. Plus, they can give you a creative outlook on how to plant different plants in your garden.

At Cold Stream Farm, we have a different variety of vines to choose from for your preference. Depending on where you’d like to plant the vines, or how you’d like them to look, we can supply the perfect vine for your taste!  

Things to Remember About Planting Vines

Vines tend to do much better when you take care of them properly, especially during the early stages of growth. Deeply water your vine during the first growing season, unless it’s a plant that grows better in a dry environment. Whichever vine you get, make sure you research the pruning and fertilizer techniques because not every vine is the same. It’s better to plant vines in loose soil, so that it has room to drain and breathe for optimal growth over the seasons.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your garden, contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5809 or visit us online for more information about vines.