Featuring the Lilac Flower

The gorgeous lilac flower is just one of the many popular deciduous shrubs we offer at Cold Stream Farm.

With a mesmerizing fragrance and lovely charm, lilacs quickly beautify your garden with pops of inviting color.

The history of the lilac is rooted in a story of infatuation. According to Greek mythology, the beauty of a stunning nymph named Syringa (the scientific name for lilac) captivated Pan, the god of forests and fields, and he chased her through the forest to share his affections. Syringa escaped the overwhelming Pan by turning herself into a lilac bush to hide from him, and thus the lilac became a popular flower symbolizing love.

The word lilac refers to the light purple color of the lilac’s flowers. The flower has taken on different meanings over time, originating in Southeastern Europe. The flowers are commonly associated with the Easter holiday, though people enjoy them throughout the year. Some cultures regarded the lilac as a magical flower with its intoxicating fragrance, while others associated the flower with wisdom or old love.

Lilacs symbolize spring and different colors signify different ideals; white lilacs mean purity, blue lilacs mean happiness, and the magenta lilacs mean passion. Lilacs prove hardy flowers, which are easy to grow and maintain. These shrubs can grow as tall as 15 feet, and require fertile, well-drained soil for optimum growing potential. Lilacs require at least 6 hours of sun to bloom well and require a bit of pruning after they bloom.

The gorgeous lilac is the wedding anniversary flower symbolizing 8 years of marriage, and it is the state flower of New Hampshire. With its pleasant smell, lilac is a popular fragrance used in cosmetics and perfumes. Historically, people used lilac for fighting bacterial infections, reducing fevers, treating skin disorders, and for helping stomach conditions.

Beautiful flowers rich with history and symbolism, the lilac is a great choice for ushering in the spring season. Make a grand entrance into warmer weather with a lilac shrub from Cold Stream Farm, your source for wholesale lilac shrubs in Michigan.