Get the Planting Supplies You Need for Spring

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll need this spring to make sure the plants and gardens are successful. Lucky for you, Cold Stream Farm offers a wide variety of supplies to help get your growing season going.

Support for Your Trees and Shrubs

One of those supplies is bamboo stakes, which can be used in a variety of different ways. If your growing area is just getting started, they can be used for marking rows where trees, plants and shrubs will be planted soon. They can also be used for staking small trees and shrubs that need a little support to get going.

Preparing for the Weeds

When everything you’ve wanted to plant is in place, the worst thing that could happen is for them to eventually be choked out by weeds. Keep them at bay with a weed suppression mat. These mats can be placed around your plants and kept in place with stakes to prevent weeds from popping up where they aren’t wanted.

Track Your Progress

You’ll also want to track the success of your growing season as well. To do that, you will need some seedling markers to place on your shrubs and plants to see how far along they come during the nice weather.

After growing season has come and gone, the cold will be back, meaning you will have to protect your newly planted and grown trees and shrubs. To protect your plants, Cold Stream Farm offers tree tubes and shelters. To set those up, you will also need stakes and cable ties, which we also have in stock. Using all three of those tools will help you keep your trees and plants safe from the cold and any animals looking for a wintertime snack.

For more information on any of these supplies or any of our other planting supplies, call Cold Stream Farm today at 231-464-5809!