How to Attract Insects & Other Wildlife to Your Garden

Wildlife provides several benefits for humans, like pest control, pollinating plants, providing fertilizer for crops, and contributing to the food chain. If you are trying to attract more wildlife to your property, here are a few ways to do this:

Before you can attract wildlife, you must first be sure of what specific animals you want to target. Individual trees, flowers, and other elements can be entering a particular animal from your property.

Animals like birds, bees, garden stakes, and bats can help aid in the growth of your garden. If you are trying to maintain or help your garden flourish, these are the creatures you want to attract. Encouraging birds, mammals, and insects to visit your garden helps protect local wildlife.

Create a pond

A pond is a great way to attract wildlife by providing a source for them to have fresh water.

Plant the Right trees

Be sure to choose the right plants and flowers for the wildlife you are trying to attract. Conifers, which are trees that produce seeds without fruit or flowers, are beneficial when trying to attract wildlife to your property. These trees provide an excellent source of protection, food, and foliage for animals. Keep in mind that deer also like to graze conifers and may use them as a form of shelter. This is great if you are trying to attract deer, but if you want to deter them from your property, you can use specific gardening methods to deter them.

Mimic the Wilderness 

Another great way to attract wildlife is to mimic their natural environment. You can do this by simply leaving a portion of your property or garden unkempt. This will help establish a regular group of animals that will graze through the grass and also use it for protection.

Create a Bird Feeder 

Bird feeders are a great way to sustain birds on your property. They can be made in a variety of ways and can be customized to your garden. An easy DIY bird feeder can be made from an empty wine bottle.

Here’s how to make the wine bottle bird feeder:

  • Thoroughly clean the bottle to ensure there is no wine left inside. Next, drill a few small holes into the sides of the bottle.
  • Make sure the doles are large enough to a bird to get their beak through but not too large that the feed falls out.
  • Next, fill the bottles with birdseed.
  • Then attach a small saucer to the bottom to catch the fallout birdseed.
  • Be sure to fill your bird feeder often. You will need to check your feeders regularly to monitor how frequently the birds are feeding.

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