Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

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Latin: Picea abies

Zones: 2-7

Other common names: European spruce

Mature Height/high: 125 ft. high/ 25-30 ft. spread. The Norway Spruce has fast growth rate when young, slows down with age, fairly dense when young, becoming a bit more open with age.

Soil / Climate: Very cold hardy. The Norway Spruce tolerates acidic soils well, best in well-drained, sandy soils, large trees transplant easily, prefers cooler climates, full sun.

Notes: It is used in forestry for timber and paper production, and as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens. It is also widely planted for use as a Christmas tree.

Wildlife: Winter shelter for wildlife. Squirrels will eat the buds. Spruce grouse eat the needles. The seed is eaten by a variety of woodpeckers, pheasant, and many other varieties of birds.

Cold Stream Farm supplies Norway Spruce trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order.

Additional information on Picea abies can be found on the link: USDA / NRCS PLANTS Database.

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20 reviews for Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

  1. Christie

    We are very happy with our purchase of 4 Norway Spruce. We ordered size 2 to 3 foot and they arrived very healthy and they were already filled out. They looked much better than expected and growing nicely. We also ordered some other trees and are very satisfied with Coldstream!

  2. Brian Schroeder

    Ordered the 3 foot norway spruce trees. Packed well, and looked good. We had a couple not make it but were all pretty nice trees. Would order from Coldstream again.

  3. jerry dutra

    there trees are nice people very friendly

  4. Jim Felts

    I am ordering from them for the second time. I will be getting the 2-3′ Norway Spruce and am happy to hear about how full they are.

  5. Bob Alexander

    The price these trees are the best deal on the market. They’re beautiful, very healthy, and I was amazed how big they are. What a great deal.

  6. Jared Anderson

    Got 100 3-4’ trees. All were dark green and bushy with good roots. I just got them in the ground and after handling them all day they felt springy and full of life. Nice sturdy little trees, I’m very happy with them.

  7. yesterday

    We ordered 18 norway spruce 2-3 ft. size. At first we were a little surprised by the small box they arrived in. However, all 18 trees were in fabulous shape, looked healthy, and their root systems look great. We soaked the roots for a half hour in a bucket of water before planting. They all went in great, and we are hoping for the best. Overall a very positive experience from order to receipt of shipment from Cold Stream Farm. thanks so much!

  8. Elena

    We got five 2-3 ft trees 5 weeks ago. They are wonderful and all of them already start to grow. Because we liked the trees so much we bought a bunch of them again. We got five 3-4ft trees 3 weeks ago. They were bigger and less robust . So far only one out of five shows a bit of new grows. I still have hope for two more but do not believe that other two will survive . I really like 2-3 ft trees and going to buy them again this fall.

  9. Bourke

    Arrived on time, as promised in great shape. Soaking them for an hour before planting really seemed to bring them to life. Planted them on June 14 in northern MI and was a little concerned about planting so late in the spring but al 12, two foot to three foot trees planted and thriving.

  10. Larry D. Warner

    Cold stream is my new favorite. I have over 85% of my trees growing like crazy. Even the ones I thought were already dead took off all the same day. Thx cold stream

  11. timothy p. curley

    Ordered 12 3′-4′ Norway Spruce, Great Healthy Trees, well packed!!! I found a new friend in the tree business!!!


  12. Elena

    I already wrote review on those spruces. Only one from four of 4 ft survived till fall. However I ordered and planted 25 more of 3 ft spruces on October 1st and very happy with them 4 month later. I hope all of the would survive Wisconsin winter. I watered them weekly till frost and going to be watering them again as soon as it will be 32F in the spring.

  13. Ohio Bob

    Ordered 300 4″-8″ bare root Norway Spruce trees. Arrived nicely packaged and at the perfect time for planting. Unwrapped them immediately and put them in cold storage. Put them in the ground a couple days later. Used the gel and fertilizer tabs. 93% survival so far.

  14. gerald

    Have ordered for several years from cold stream, and have always got top notch trees. Will continue to order from them.

  15. Mrs Meyers

    I ordered 12 Norway Spruce Trees. They arrived in healthy condition and full. Compared to local nurseries and home stores for the same size plant, the price was about 1/3 to 1/4. Granted, they are bare root and the ones at the nurseries are in pots, but these were well worth it!
    Will order more as soon as they have more in larger sizes. Can’t wait.

  16. Mike

    Couldn’t believe the quality of these trees. Cold Stream is A+. These things were healthy monsters!

  17. Eric

    Received 6 Norway spruce trees yesterday. All of the plants were in absolutely magnificent condition on arrival. Very excited to get these into the ground! Will absolutely buy from you again. Well done!

  18. Mark

    Received 25 2-3’ Norways 6 weeks ago. I’ve planted plenty of potted also in the past with good success . These trees were easy to work with. All are doing very well and have plenty of growth all over aslready.
    Very nice trees! And a great value too!

  19. D. Bailey

    Bought 25 of the 2-3’ Norways. They were very full, very green, and had very well-developed root balls. I was so happy with them that I’m going to get another 25 of them to plant this fall. Time will tell how they handle the WI winter and our (lately) hot and dry summers, but I really can’t ask for anything more from the initial look. Fantastic price too!

  20. Jeff

    I ordered 100 white pines from Cold Stream a couple of years ago. Even though the deer ravaged them and we lost a few, the rest of them came back and are doing well. So the time came that I wanted Norway spruce. Another competitor sent me some, (unbeknownst to me) and they all died. I ordered 10 from Cold Stream, and they arrived looking amazing! If they do as well as the white pines, I may be ordering more. From this point on, I will ONLY be buying from Cold Steam!

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