The Psychological and Economic Benefits of Planting Trees

Now that we’re in summer, we are finally getting the opportunity to see trees in full bloom – green and blushing like earthen prom dresses. It instills in us a fierce rejuvenation that is impossible to ignore. We feel better, healthier, happier, ready to get out of bed with smiles on our faces, filled with a renewed sense of purpose that effortlessly carries us through the days like plastic bags in the wind. Trees have that much power – it’s true, which is why we’re so passionate about selling bare root trees. Everyone deserves a yard that is chock full of trees. That natural rejuvenation should greet you every morning and be at your side when you’re thinking at night.

Of course trees offer that psychological rejuvenation, but they also make backyards, neighborhoods, cites, and countries more economically viable. Think of it this way: trees fill our souls with psychological money and our pockets with real money. There’s really no negative drawback to trees. Take what’s happening in the farming village of Tuanjie in the hills above Jinghong in southwest Yunnan Province. They have experienced a streak of good luck and prosperity thanks to the rubber trees that were planted decades of ago.

The trust in and dependence on trees have carried this Chinese village to heights of prosperity and now with a little innovation, they will soon be reaching even loftier peaks. Such rejuvenation is contagious, don’t you think?

This is just one example of how trees provide psychological and economic benefits on a small scale. Imagine combining all the benefits in every village and town across the world? The world would become a better place because of this.

At Cold Stream Farm, we can provide trees and shrubs at wholesale for planting on your land. We can’t stress enough of the benefits from planting trees on your property and in your town.