Understanding Grouse and How to Attract Them

Grouse are game birds that are known for having plump bodies and feathered legs. They’re also known for the low-pitched drumming sounds that they make when they take their wings and open and close them very quickly. By “drumming on air,” grouse are able to emit sounds that are unlike anything else you’ve ever heard from birds. The sounds can carry for up to 1/4 of a mile. Grouse make these sounds to lay claim to a particular patch of land. Do you want to welcome grouse onto your land in Michigan?

One of the best ways to attract grouse to your land is by planting the types of trees, bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation that they like to eat.

Grouse can actually digest a lot of toxic plants that others birds wouldn’t be able to stomach. Grouse are attracted to crabapple, wild grape, sumac, aspen, birch, cherry, hazelnut, chokeberry, hawthorn, Oregon grape, viburnum, and more. When you have these planted on your property, you shouldn’t be surprised if grouse show up.

Grouse would be more than happy to make themselves at home when these types of vegetation are available to them. They’re fully capable of consuming and digesting very large amounts of vegetation in a relatively short amount of time. They have pouches situated in between their small and large intestines that make it possible for them to devour a lot more food than you might think. It’s why you’ll want to keep your property stocked with everything listed above if you want to keep grouse coming back.

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