Understanding the Cinnamon Fern for Your Yard

At Cold Stream Farm, we know people love ferns for their variety, with each type of fern offering subtle differences from the last.

Cold Stream Farms offers ferns that work for everyone, from ferns that tolerate rough weather conditions to ferns that thrive in cold soil.

The Cinnamon Fern

Cinnamon ferns reach a height of about 4 feet or more and a width around 3 feet. These ferns produce two types of fronds, or leaves: plume-like, cinnamon colored fronds at their center with larger, green fronds surrounding them. The contrast between the fronds gives the cinnamon fern its interesting appearance that we love.

Cinnamon ferns are native to streambeds, coastal areas, and swamplands, and they range from Texas and Florida to Newfoundland. These beauties perform best in deep shade or filtered sunlight but do adapt to different types of soil, especially soil rich with organic matter.

Beautiful Filler Plant

Use your cinnamon fern in a wild garden or in your side-yard as a standout filler plant. They make the perfect background piece and serve well for borders. Many people also like to gather them around the base of trees. Cinnamon ferns love water and can adapt to almost any garden condition when kept moist.

Find more information about the stately cinnamon ferns we offer at Cold Stream Farm by giving us a call today!