Warm Weather Brings Fall Foliage to Michigan

Warm Weather Brings Fall Foliage to MichiganThe fall season brings gorgeous foliage to regions all across the country. Michigan tends to have a particularly beautiful display thanks to the sheer diversity of trees found in our great state. But weather also plays a role in how and when the leaves turn. So what can we expect for foliage this year?

Right on track

While there were early predictions that Michigan’s tree leaves would be changing color sooner than usual this year, the recent stretch of warmer weather has put things back on track! Residents of the Upper Peninsula can expect peak fall colors in early October. Areas in the northern Lower Peninsula are likely to peak closer to mid-October. People in southern Michigan, meanwhile, can expect to see the best of the fall colors around the end of October.

What to look for

Each region of Michigan is known for its different tree species. Northern Lower Michigan has abundant maples, especially red and sugar maples. Sugar maples have gorgeous red leaves, and red maple leaves vary from fiery red to vibrant oranges and yellows. Southern Michigan has a wider variety of tree species, with everything from sassafras and hickories to black gum and more. Together, these trees create a rich assortment of stunning fall foliage.

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