What Supplies Do I Need to Plant a Tree?

When planting trees on your property, you never want to be unprepared. Gathering the proper tree-planting tools is necessary in order to not strain yourself and make sure you’ve planted the trees properly. Whichever trees you decide to plant requires a bit of research to ensure the tree is planted properly. At Cold Stream Farm, we supply a plethora of trees and shrubs at wholesale. We also will provide you with details on planting techniques and proper care.


Tree Planting Tools

First, you’ll need a sturdy shovel or a spade depending on the size and species of the tree/shrub. For many trees, you’ll need tree stakes and ties to ensure proper growth in the early years of the tree’s life. For example, when planting pine trees, you’ll need to have tree stakes for the first few years. You’ll also need fresh topsoil to fill in the gaps around and above the bottom of the tree.

  • Digging tool (shovel, spade)
  • Tree Stakes
  • Topsoil
  • Mulch
  • Water

 The Benefits of Tree Planting Tools

Tree planting tools are necessary for planting trees because they help put less strain on your body. They help to ensure proper planting of the trees and growth process. If you don’t grab the supplies and tools before planting your trees, you could be in for a long day of planting trees by hand.

Looking for supplies? Cold Stream Farm provides planting supplies if you’d like for planting trees, shrubs, and other plants. We encourage you to make sure you have a list of supplies you’ll need for planting. We also recommend planting trees on your property because they provide a wildlife ecosystem and beautiful views.

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