What Types of Plants Attract Turkeys

Do you want to attract wild turkeys to your land? You can do it by providing them with plenty of cover. You can also do it by making sure they have a water source nearby.

However, the most important aspect of attracting turkeys to your land is planting the right kinds of trees, shrubs, and other plants.

They should be able to provide the turkeys with the food they need to survive.

Mast, which is the fruit produced by many forest trees and shrubs, is one of the main food sources for wild turkeys. Therefore, attracting turkeys to your land is often as simple as making sure you have mast-producing trees and shrubs around. Turkeys will be naturally attracted to trees and shrubs like dogwoods, chokeberries, viburnums, hickories, beech, hawthorns, and more.

Oak trees should also be on the top of your list with white oak and red oak trees, in particular, proving to be effective at attracting turkeys. Oak trees are known to produce plenty of acorns in the autumn, and with acorns making up a large percentage of the average turkey’s diet in the fall, you will probably see a spike in turkey activity if you have oaks on your property.

In general, you should devote anywhere from about 20 to 30 percent of your total land to mast-producing trees that will give turkeys what they want if you plan on attracting them and keeping them around. Turkeys are big fans of everything from acorns and pecans to blueberries and huckleberries and won’t want to leave when these types of mast are present.

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