When Should You Plant Vines?

If you’re a novice gardener hoping to transform your backyard, it might be tricky to know which season is best for planting certain items. For any green-thumb hopefuls who want to add vines to their garden, check out our tips below on the best time of year for vine planting.

Planting Vines: Where to Start?

Vines are pretty easy to grow, which is a good start. All you have to do is make sure to plant them in loose, well-draining soil. Different types of vines may need to be planted at different distances from each other, so make sure you consult the packaging before you plant. For certain vines, like flowering roses, you’ll need to help them gain some height by tying them onto the trellis or fence that they’re growing near. For others, like American bittersweet, they’ll grow tall on any item you’re hoping to cover without much help.

Annual Vines

If you’re planting annuals, which will only grow for one season, the best time to plant is after the last spring frost, at the beginning of the warm season. Similarly, trumpet vines and wild grapes should be planted after the last spring frost, as they need warm soil to flourish. Virginia creeper is a little bit hardier, and this resilient vine can be planted any time from early spring to early fall.

Once your vines are growing and flourishing, don’t forget to prune your vines. Check out some tips from Cold Stream Farm on the best way to prune different types of vines. If you’re thinking about adding some new vines to the backyard, and don’t forget to check out the different types of vines Cold Stream Farm offers. You can place an order right from our website! Learn more about vines by giving us a call today at 231-464-5809.