When to Water Your Trees

When there is a drought due to hot temperatures and little rain, crops and plants struggle to stay alive. However, trees are in desperate need of water when there is a drought.

With the right information, arborists can figure out how often to water their trees but it’s a challenge that can easily be overcome.

The first factor you’ll need to keep in mind is a tree’s age. How old is your tree? Because that largely influences how much water the tree needs. In its first two years, a tree is most vulnerable; this is when the seeds are establishing roots, and the sapling starts to grow. As a result, watering the tree is incredibly important during this time, especially in its first summers. To better retain the water, you may also want to add mulch to the tree pit.

Once it’s older, trees still need water, but arborists must be careful to not under or overwater the pit. The rule of thumb is to water for 30 seconds, and make sure the soil is moist. If it’s too soggy, this can choke the plant, and cut off its oxygen supply.

The other key factor to know is the tree’s species. Some types of trees are particularly drought-tolerant, and can last much longer without water. In our collection at Cold Stream Farm, that includes the Thornless Honeylocust and the Kentucky Coffeetree. Then there’s the opposite: trees that need more water than most. In that category, we offer trees like the Bald Cypress, the Red and Silver Maples, the Paper and River Birches, and of course, the Weeping Willow.

With this information in mind, you’ll be ready to use water in a more efficient and careful manner. And your tree will be healthier as a result. For any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask! At Cold Stream Farms, we’re here to help.