Winter Garden Maintenance

Underneath all that snow in your garden beds are flowers, shrubs and trees that will most likely survive the cold and ice and won’t skip a beat come springtime. That’s a big most likely, though. To make that ‘most likely’ a certainty, it’s always a good idea to inspect your shrubs, trees and other plants during the wintertime so they’ll “absolutely” survive and be full of life come springtime.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get outside when it’s the dead of winter to check on your plants and trees, but this will only benefit you come springtime. Having an idea on how they are doing during the cold and snowy months will help you determine what your maintenance looks like when the nicer weather rolls around.

Evergreen Trees During the Winter

Evergreen trees are expected to survive the harsh winter, but sometimes they can have trouble making it to spring. Cold and dry periods could hurt the plant to the point where it kills it. If those greens start turning brown, the tree might not survive. Always give a good inspection once or twice throughout the winter and see if the tree needs water or attention. Don’t be afraid to water your evergreen trees or shrubs in the winter, no matter how awkward it seems. They need water all year round, not just the spring and summer.

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

As deciduous trees and shrubs go, an inspection might lead you to notice some discoloration and brown spots on the plant. Those should be removed to promote air circulation while decreasing its chance for fungal diseases. Also, removing the deadwood will reshape the plant, which is good, but try not to remove too much of the plant where it could shock it. Removing anything over 1/3 of the plant could shock it to the point of no return.

The Benefits of Winter Inspections for Your Garden

Not every homeowner enjoys getting outside during the wintertime, especially to check on their garden or landscape. This is a surprise for many, but in fact can benefit you greatly come spring. When spring rolls around, everyone is ready to get outside and enjoy the mild weather.

Here are some benefits to winter garden maintenance:

  • Plan ahead of Spring Clean-up and Planting
  • Get an Idea of How Your Plants are Holding Up
  • Buy seeds and other supplies before the spring season
  • Evaluate what plants to keep
  • Stay ahead of the gardening
  • Cut back on time and work when spring comes
  • Save money

It’s always important, even during the off-season to do some minor tasks when it comes to gardening. You never want to go into spring with more work than you want, so checking up on your garden, making notes, and completing some maintenance tasks can go a long way.

So, go ahead, bundle up and get outside for your winter garden inspection. I’m sure at this point you’ll take any excuse to get out of the house and garden anyways!

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