Benefits of Birds on Your Property 

Birds are beautiful creatures that add a wildlife quality to your

property. Along with their beauty,there are many benefits to having birds on your property. 


Here are some of the benefits of having birds on your property:

Pest & Rodent control– Birds eat a variety of pests that could be living on your property. Pesky mosquitoes, spiders, slugs and other bugs are the perfect meal for birds. They help to remove these and protect your garden. Larger birds like owls and hawks hunt bigger critters like squirrels, snakes, and mice. 

Pollination– Birds that sip nectar like hummingbirds and orioles help to pollinate flowers. This helps your garden bloom, thus attracting more birds to your property. 

Weed control– Finches and sparrows are great birds to have on your property because they eat weeds. These birds love seed bearing plants and they eat a variety of weeds that could be hindering your garden. This is a great natural weed killer that doesn’t harm any of your existing plants. 

Now that you know some of the benefits of having birds on your property, you can learn what plants and trees help attract them. 

How to attract and keep birds on your property:

The lovely colors of buttonbush plants are often irresistible to most birds. Often known as the globe-flower and honey balls, these plants are often found in swampy areas and they produce nectar beloved by these birds.

Indian current plants are a hardy and fast-growing species with colorful fruit that lasts throughout the winter. The nectar in these plans is also intriguing to hummingbirds, especially the Ruby-throated variety.

The trumpet vine is a native North American ornamental vine with bright orange flowers visible in mid to late summer. These plants often draw the attention of both butterflies and birds.

It should be no surprise that a plant called butterfly bush would attract wind insects and birds, but it is known for just that. As an aggressive grower with a variety of colors pedals, this bright plant is a dependable and lovely option if you are looking to attract hummingbirds.

Birds are also attracted to some varieties of oak trees. To increase your odds, tie an orange plastic ribbon around the tree because the birds are intrigued by these types of displays.

There are several other tree and plant species that are known to attract hummingbirds including weigela, salvia, yarrow, bee balm, maltese cross, delphinium, and hollyhock. Check them all out and see which fit best in your yard.

Other Ways To Attract Birds:

Add A Moving Bird Bath 

Birds love a nice dip in a pond or other small bodies of water. Add a bird bath on your property that has a ground bubbler. Birds will hear the sound of the water from far away which will easily attract them to your garden. To increase the number of birds try adding more than one bird bath so they don’t become too crowded.

Add A Bird Feeder 

Bird feeders are easy to make and will help increase the number of birds on your property. They are typically filled with a variety of seeds including sunflower seeds and cracked corn. There are a variety of ways to make a bird feeder, check out The Spruce for a few different options! 

Provide Nesting Material

Dry leaves and twigs are the perfect materials birds need to create a nest. If you want to keep birds on your property they will need these materials. When cleaning your garden or tending to weeds, set these materials aside somewhere accessible for the birds.

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