Benefits of Shrub Gardening

We all know fall is one of the better times to be planting new trees, plants and shrubs, but what about the benefits of actually planting shrubs? Most people think of shrubs as just the filler plant that you put in place when you don’t know what else to put there. But there are a number of benefits to shrubs being in your garden, even if it is only a few. And one of the first benefits you might have seen is more active bird life.

Not everyone wants a bird population in their garden of course. It just depends on what you are trying to achieve with your garden. If you are looking for something a little more natural and wild, then bringing in shrubs that flower and grow berries can be a perfect means of adding that touch, because the birds will serve the same job they do in the wild with spreading seeds around in your garden. Of course more seeds spread around means there will be more weeds and plants you have to cull but the beauty the flowering shrubs add by themselves, on top of having lovely birds visiting regularly can really add a wonderful touch to your garden.

The other bonus comes with the comfortable feeling of shrubs. They are a common thing we see in commercial landscaping and in particular, along walkways because they convey a sense of creating a space where you can walk freely in a garden. You can often use shrubs as boundary lines that makes them effective for keeping your garden separated into certain parts, or just keeping people on certain paths. People are so comfortable and used to the idea of having a directed path that they just become used to following them.

These are just a few reasons for shrubs. You can also look at them as a form of privacy, especially the tall shrubs, or just for the simple beauty they possess. Everyone may want fruits and vegetables in their garden but sometimes the aesthetic beauty of a shrub can make your day, so don’t count them out.

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