Consider Planting Fruit this Spring

Adding fruit trees to your property can provide some amazing benefits for you. Fruit trees will provide you with fresh fruit that you won’t have to look for in the grocery store during the spring and summer months. Seeing these trees blossom and bring fresh fruit will leave you with a smile on your face. If you’re looking to add some fruiting plants to your home, then take a look at some of the options Cold Stream Farm has to offer.

American Plum

Also known as the wild yellow plum, red plum and even just wild plum, our American plums are available for purchase in numerous sizes from 6 inches to 5 feet. At its largest, the plant will grow into either a large shrub or even small tree and will be anywhere around 20-30 feet tall, producing plums about 1 inch in diameter.

Osage Orange

To get the fruit this plant bears, you will need both male and female plants. Outside of just producing fruit, these plants also have the ability to repel insects and spiders when they are planted around a home, making them a great natural deterrent to pests.


Cold Stream Farm offers two different mulberry plants – red and Russian. Where the red mulberry only grows from anywhere between 10-25 feet, its Russian counterpart can grow anywhere between 35-80 feet in height.


If you want to add the apricot plant to your home, make sure that the soil you are placing it in is well drained. That will allow it to grow properly and give you those delicious fruits that can be used for jelly, jams and dried snacks.


We here at Cold Stream Farm offer three different types of cherry plants. They are the choke, wild black and sand. Each has specific requirements for the soil they’re planted in, so be sure to speak with one of our professionals before you plant your new cherry plant to make sure you place it in the best soil.


Despite a great product, it’s important to be careful with this tree. Its leaves and branches are commonly the target of animals like deer like looking for a snack. Be sure to keep a close eye on a young plant to make sure that you have a healthy tree develop.

Plant more than your typical spring plants this season. Opt to throw in some fruit trees to get you started on transforming your property into a fruit paradise for years to come. At Cold Stream Farm, we provide trees and shrubs at wholesale in Michigan. Please take a look at our list of trees and shrubs we offer, and let’s get started on planting for the spring!

For more information on our fruiting plants or any of the other trees and shrubs at Cold Stream Farm, call us today at 231-464-5809!