Hybrid Poplar

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We are currently cultivating approximately a dozen different clones of hybrid poplar with varying crown width and leaf appearance. We will try to supply you with a clone or clones suitable to the end use.

Zones: 3-9

Hybrid poplars usually live 35 years or more and grow to 45-90 feet in height. Once established, on suitable sites and given adequate light, nutrients and moisture, the hybrids can grow 4-6 feet a year early in their life span. Diameter increase on a good site will be 1-2 inches per year. First year performance of hybrids and other trees is very dependent on moisture and sunlight availability. They will tolerate a wide variety of nutrients and soil pH as low as 3.0, but of course may not do as well. They can produce 2-3 cords/acre/year, so four acres should heat most homes. (Cord=4~x4~x8 pile). On some sites the hybrids simply will not perform well even with the best care.

As an energy source the hybrid poplar was found to be North Americas most productive tree at nearly 60 million BTUs per acre per year, vs. only 38 million for oak. Hybrids produce about 8,600 BTUs/lb., slightly more than most of the common firewood.

As with native poplars, wild animals will use hybrids as a cover and feed source.
Cold Stream Farm supplies Hybrid Poplar trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order.

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