Oregon Grape Bush (Mahonia aquifolium)

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This plant is restricted for shipment to Canada.
Latin: Mahonia aquifolium
Zones: 5 – 9
Other common names: Oregon-grape, tall Oregon-grape, Grape Holly, Hollyleaf Barberry
Mature Height/spread: It grows 5-6 feet in height, and can be three to five feet wide Soil/Climate: is native from the British Columbia to northern California. It grows in most any type of soil and lighting condition, from deep shade to full sun, though it prefers partial shade and dry moisture. Notes: Oregon Grape blooms yellow blossoms in spring and by June green berries appear. The berries darken in July and by autumn are ripe for eating or making jams and jellies. The fruit was prepared for a number of medicinal uses in the early years. Wildlife: Birds are attracted to eating the berries as well. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies as well.
Cold Stream Farm supplies Oregon Grape Bush shrubs which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order.
Additional information on Mahonia aquifolium can be found on the link: USDA / NRCS PLANTS Database.

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