The Benefits of Planting Trees in the Fall

Many people love the spring season because that is the time where you get down to the dirty work in yard. Planting trees and other flowers in your garden brings new life to your beautiful landscape. However, there is another season to look forward to. Autumn brings beautiful colors and comforting weather, but it also brings an opportunity to do some planting. There are many benefits to planting trees in the fall season.

Why Should You Plant Trees in the Fall?

When you plant trees in the fall, the trees get an opportunity to have an extra growing season before the stresses of the summer season. The weather plays a major role in a tree’s growth, which means the cooler weather and the rain in the fall season allows trees to establish their roots. If they can establish a good and healthy base in the fall, the drought and heat of the summer won’t be as brutal for the trees.

Trees go dormant in the winter when the ground freezes, which means you can plant your trees at any point if the ground is not frozen.

Where to Plant Your Trees in the Fall

You have to plant your trees in the proper place for them to grow into healthy beings. It doesn’t matter too much the season, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. You’ll have to evaluate your yard to make sure the tree you plant will get enough sun, moisture, and shade in order for it to live a healthy life. Another thing to consider is to plant your tree away from other structures, so the roots have room to grow.

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