Tips for Creating A Sensory Garden

There are many elements that go into creating a lush garden. What distinguishes an average garden from a sensory garden are the design elements. A well-designed sensory garden will entice the senses through smell, touch, taste, and sight and sound.

There are many different ways to create a sensory garden, here are a few tips to help:

When planning a sensory garden, it is important to feature elements that appeal to all five senses.

  • Smell– It is best to use plants and shrubs that are very aromatic. Lilac is a great bush to plant in your garden. Lilac produces a fragrant scent that is used in many perfumes and aromatic oils. It is also a beautiful shade off lavender that will certainly catch your eye.
  • Touch– To engage the sense of touch, use plants that have unique textures. pussy willow shrubs produce fuzzy flowers that sort of look like caterpillars. This is the ideal shrub for a sensory garden because of the texture of the flowers. They are soft and fuzzy and canTips for Creating A Sensory Garden produce a range of colors, depending on the type.
  • Taste– You can add the taste element by planting herbs and shrubs that are edible. Edible flowers include elderberry and hibiscus syriacus. Elderberry will be ideal in a sensory garden because elderberries have a sweet/tart taste perfect for jams and pies.
  • Sight– This is the easiest element to include because almost all the plants that incorporate the other senses also include sight. You can use other design elements to accentuate your foliage. Elements like stained glass, bright-colored pots, and trellises help to create a beautiful scenery.
  • Sound– This is another feature that is very important to a fully realized sensory garden. You can incorporate these elements by adding wind chimes or water fountains.

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