Trees are Truly Incredible Living Things

Trees are truly magnificent. These living beings are what makes the world go around. From capturing pollutants to releasing oxygen and clean air into our lives, we take trees for granted sometimes. Preserving our trees is something that needs to be a priority when it comes to environmental conservation. Many people disregard it in their lives, but by planting more trees on our properties, we’re only doing our planet a favor.

COVID-19 Vaccines

In early April, our world was at a standstill regarding the global pandemic. People were concerned about where the virus was heading, and obviously we still are concerned. The CEO of Novavax threw the company into the COVID-19 vaccine race and it found some success with an ingredient in Slurpees. The bark that is on these trees is transformed into a fluid that is used as the raw material for the QS-21 vaccine adjuvant. These are compounds that boost the body’s immune reaction to a vaccine. This is one of the few adjuvants and newest approved by the United States FDA. It could be a big part of vaccines moving forward, and one that is used for COVID-19.

What Does this Say About the Planet’s Trees?

Trees are giving us a plethora of resources for us to benefit from. It’s vital for our survival to take care of the ecosystem any way we can, and trees are a major part of it.

When Storms Hit and Destroy Trees

Severe storms can devastate trees, which means it’s extremely important for us to replant new trees in their place. Hurricanes and Wildfires can destroy some of our amazing coastal regions and forests. Those places that have been hit by severe storms need to be replenished with new trees, so those areas can get clean air and oxygen again.

Planting Trees and Shrubs for the Benefit of the Environment

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