Winter Planting and Gardening

What’s better than planting your favorite flowers, trees, and shrubs in the spring? How about preparing for spring planting in the winter! That’s right. Your green thumb doesn’t have to rest just because the weather grows colder.

Spend the cold season preparing for your upcoming springtime planting plans with these helpful tips:

Plan a Clear Strategy

First things first, you need to spend some time thinking about how you want everything to look when springtime comes. That means planning out a strategy. Are you going to do things in stages or get the help of a professional landscaper? Evaluate your property and decide what you’d like to plant in each of your flower beds and other landscaping areas and determine if there is anything new you would like to incorporate. You may want to sketch out a quick drawing of your garden. This will help you be more precise in the placement of

RemoveWinter Planting and Gardening

Although those here in the northern states may have to wait until the snow melts, those who live in areas little or no snowfall can take advantage of the winter season and clear out their property to prepare for the planting season. This can include removing any leaves or debris from the last year, clearing the area where you plan to plant and applying treatments to get rid of dangerous rot, mold or pathogens that may have plagued your plants in the past. This will make it much easier to get planting once the weather breaks.


Another option if you live in a snow-free state is to use this time to maintain the perimeter of your garden beds and keep them nice and neat. Use an edging tool to cut the grass edge away from your planting area and add more definition and boundaries between the lawn and your planting space. Maintaining these edges will not only prepare you for spring but will also allow you to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Prune Your Perennials and More

Use this time to keep your perennials looking short and orderly. Cut them back to the base if you can to allow them to regrow full and healthy in the spring. While you are in the pruning spirit, take some time with any trees or shrubs, as well, and remove any dead or damaged branches. Finish up by removing any late-season weeds in your landscaping areas so that you’re all set to plant in spring.

After You Pull Weeds, Throw Down Some Mulch

Adding some mulch to your future planting areas not only creates a more well-defined look, but also minimizes weed growth and helps with moisture retention. Mulch also aids with regulating ground temperatures which can help keep plants protected from unexpected cold spells or late season frosts in the spring. This is the final touch to maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden all year long.

At Cold Stream Farm, we are just as excited for spring planting as you are, and that is why we are now taking orders for the spring season. Shipping starts in February for clients in southern states, though many seasonal evergreens cannot be harvested and prepared until late March or early April. Our shrubs, trees, ferns, grasses and more offer you everything you need to make sure your garden and property looks its best. Learn more or place an order today by calling 231-464-5809.