Fall Planting Tips

The autumn is a very crucial time of year for many plant varieties. The changing of the seasons typically means the dying off flowering plants that delighted during the summer months. Cold Stream Farm wants to make sure that our blog readers have all of the information they need to properly tend to their shrubs and trees so that they stay strong well into the winter.

Young trees and shrubs, which may have just been planted this year, have a number of special concerns as we head into the colder months. Young trees and evergreens tend to dry out during the fall, so keep them watered until the ground freezes entirely. You may also want to wrap the bark of young trees with paper or plastic to protect the bark during an early frost.

Knowing how the snow will cover the ground of the landscape surrounding your home can also be very helpful in protecting your more delicate plants. Most plant damage is suffered in the early and late winter, when temperature variations can swing wildly. Consistent snow cover can actually keep plants protected from harsh winds. Add mulch to areas where snow doesn’t usually accumulate to achieve the same effect.

Many people usually think that Mother Nature just takes over by the time winter rolls around, but these and many other practices can give you a head start on the next year’s gardening season. Making sure that your garden, shrubs and trees are well protected and nourished through the winter should be of great concern to a homeowner.

There’s no time of the year that we’re not thinking about how to build more beautiful landscapes here at Cold Stream Farm. We have an abundance of fresh nursery products all year long that we’re ready to ship throughout the Midwest from our headquarters in Free Soil, MI.