How Wildfires Are Affecting Our Trees

Wildfires happen every year in the United States. Some years, they are more devastating than others with the destruction of forests, homes, and sometimes even towns out in the Western United States. Trees are resilient living beings, but they can be destroyed. This has been a real problem for our ecosystem and environment as trees provide living things with oxygen, and they trap toxic elements in the air.

Trees being destroyed can have negative impacts on our forests for years to come but ensuring the preservation of our forests will only help.

Sequoias Fighting Back

Through the rubble of major wildfires, we’re seeing little seedlings of Sequoias arise from the ashes. Of course, these trees will be giants in centuries ahead, but this is a positive sign. As measures are being taken to preserve these giant and legendary trees, we need to keep fighting against wildfires, so we can do our part.

Sequoias and Redwoods have adapted tremendously to the intense wildfires that happen every year. They truly are resilient in the fight against them to saving their lives.

There are Other Trees Impacted

The weather elements can have severe negative impacts on our ecosystem, especially trees. Drought, wildfires, and flooding can be devastating. A family-tree farm has seen the negative impact over the years. After the pandemic gave them a boom in sales of their Christmas trees, drought came after and then wildfires in the summer destroying many of their mature trees.

Not only has there been impacts on our trees in the forests from wildfires and droughts in the pacific northwest, but families’ livelihoods are struggling.

Planting Trees & Donating

Helping out non-profit preservation charities that preserve our forests, plant trees, and protect against severe natural disasters is what we should be doing as ordinary citizens. Our forests and trees are important to living beings, and they help us in many ways.

Planting trees and shrubs on your property isn’t going to save the planet, but it’s a start. Especially in the Midwest, we understand raking leaves can be a pain in the Fall season but having trees on your property can also be very beneficial. The cool breeze on a summer day reminds us that trees do give us benefits. They shade us in the hot sun, look beautiful, and provide us with a breeze like no other. They also help cities to clear out toxic elements in the air. Planting trees in more parks in cities is important even if it only helps to curb a fraction of the issues with our environment.

Cold Stream Farm Wholesale Trees and Shrubs

At Cold Stream Farm, we have a variety of trees and shrubs for you to purchase at wholesale. We also can give you all the information you need on care, planting, and preservation of your trees and shrubs. We can make our world a better place with a little planting.

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