Importance of Planting Trees After Some of Them Die

Trees live long lives in the wild, but many do die off after years and years. It’s the circle of life working perfectly. When we have trees on our property, we can see them die off right before our eyes due to several different reasons. Natural elements like severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more will have an impact on the death of trees. Other elements such as infestation or disease can also take the life of a tree.

When trees die on our property or in our communities, it’s important to plant new ones after they’re gone. Planting more trees isn’t necessarily the answer to things like climate change, but it does have incredible benefits, especially in overly crowded places like cities.

The Benefits of Planting Trees

Planting trees come with many great benefits for you and the environment. Like we stated above, it won’t reverse climate change, but it can have a very positive impact on the environment, especially in cities.

Here are some benefits of planting trees on your property:

  • Offer shade
  • Cooler yard in the summer
  • Offer fruit (fruit trees)
  • Bring wildlife (birds, etc.)
  • Enhance your yard
  • Better air quality

Benefits to planting trees in the city:

  • Bring cooler temperatures
  • Bring wildlife (birds)
  • Allow for parks to develop in cities
  • Give a sense of wilderness to the concrete jungle
  • Better air quality

After Trees Die Off, Why Plant New Ones?

If you have trees on your property that die off due to natural elements or disease, it’s important to plant new ones. This will give you good feeling of course, but you’re also planting new trees for the next generation or generations to come to enjoy and benefit from.

If you’re looking to improve your property and bring something good to the environment by planting trees or shrubs, contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5809 today or visit us online for more information!