The Benefits of Fruit Trees on Your Property

Having vegetation on your property can be a great benefit to your landscape. Investing in trees and other plants can turn your property into something beautiful. If you’re looking for new plants, shrubs, or trees to bring onto your property, consider planting fruit trees. There are so many benefits to planting a fruit tree on your property, which means you won’t regret it.

Which Fruit Trees are Best?

Of course, you’ll need to make sure your environment will be safe for specific fruit trees. This will take some research, so you don’t butcher the growing of the fruitful tree in your yard. With Cold Stream Farm, we can supply you with wholesale trees including some fruit trees for your liking.

Here are some fruit trees we can give to you to grow on your property:

  • Cherry Trees – We have a few different cherry trees for you to choose from including Choke Cherry, Sand Cherry, and Wild Black Cherry. Choke Cherry Trees can tolerate almost any type of soil, but they do grow the best in rich soil with good drainage. Wild Black Cherry is larger than a Choke and can live for over 200 years. This tree has been known to poison livestock though, so make sure you don’t have any animals or pets around. The Sand Cherry is the smallest of the three we carry and need a good amount of sun for growth. All three will produce flowers and edible fruit!
  • Apricot Trees – We also carry Hardy Apricot tree. This tree produces fruit that can also be used for pies, jams, snacks and other dishes. They need access to enough water and sunlight for them to live to their full potential. These trees will last about 20-30 years with the proper care, and you’ll be able to get a lot of fruit out of this fulfilling tree on your property.
  • Mulberry Trees – We have two different Mulberry trees including Red and Russian. These trees will produce edible fruit that you can use for various different reasons. It will also attract wildlife such as birds and small mammals. The Russian has the best resistance to the cold weather. Mulberry trees can produce a large number of nutritional uses from the bark to the leaves in medicinal and tea purposes.

Why Choose Fruit Trees to Plant on Your Property

Many people consider different trees to plant on their property for different reasons. Some would like more shade on their land, or they would like some more vegetation growing around your home. With fruit trees, you’ll be able to provide your land with vegetation, wildlife, and edible fruit to enjoy for baking and other uses. You’re getting a plethora of benefits when you choose to invest in fruit trees on your property, and Cold Stream Farm can deliver the perfect trees to plant on your property.

Why Choose Cold Stream Farm for Your Trees

For all wholesale trees and shrubs, we can deliver you the perfect ones for your environment and property. If you need any tips on planting and growth, our team can give you good advice on how to care for your landscape, so you can grow beautiful plants or trees that will last a lifetime.

Contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5809 today or visit us online for more information about our wholesale trees and shrubs!