Do Your Part for the Climate, Plant a Tree!

Everyone would love to combat global warming, but not everyone knows what to do. One simple way to start doing your part in helping the environment to improve is to plant trees. This may seem pretty basic, but in reality, it won’t help change the entire world. It will however be beneficial for the environment.  

Which Trees are Best?

Capturing carbon dioxide is very important in the progression of a healthy environment. Trees will capture carbon with their leaves, but which trees are the best for this purpose?

  • Red Oak – Red Oak Trees are very good at storing and absorbing Carbon Dioxide. This is crucial for the environment. If we’re trying to combat global warming and reduce our carbon footprint, this tree is good to plant on your property.
  • Douglas Fir – Fir trees such as the Douglas Fir are also amazing trees to plant. They can help capture Carbon Dioxide, which will help the environment. Douglas Fir also does very well in a variety of soils and environments.
  • Black Walnut – Black Walnut trees are great to have on your property. They help to combat global warming as well as produce food with the walnuts.

Trees Won’t Save the Planet, But They Do Help

Before you go out and invest in 30 trees, it’s important to know that trees won’t save the planet entirely, but they will help. If you’re looking to help save the environment, planting trees such as these is a great start. If more people would do the little things to help protect the environment, the world would be a better place.

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