Place Your Fall Tree and Shrub Order Now

Summer is the perfect time to start thinking about reserving fall trees and shrubs. We’re now taking orders for the fall to help improve your landscape. Take a look at the full selection of plants available from Cold Stream Farm.


Evergreen trees are always a popular option for decorating a landscape. As the leading evergreen tree provider in northern Michigan, we maintain a stock of that includes white and red cedar, bald cypress, douglas fir, balsam fir, concolor (white) fir, Canadian hemlock, American larch, white pine, scotch pine, jack pine, giant sequoia, green giant white cedar, black spruce, blue spruce and more. Evergreen tree orders will begin shipping in late September or early October.


We also stock a large variety of deciduous trees at Cold Stream Farm. Our deciduous inventory includes hybrid poplar, sassafras, pussy willow, black walnut, sycamore, white oak, swamp white oak, sawtooth oak, black willow, American elm, pin oak, weeping willow, English walnut, persimmon, northern pecan, American chestnut, wild black cherry, American beech, paper birch, quaking aspen, black gum, sugar maple and more. Deciduous trees will begin shipping once they move into the dormant period, which for most species occurs in November.

Our deciduous shrubs are native to the North American climate. These shrubs are well-suited to the climate in Michigan and other locations throughout the Midwest and are resilient, low-maintenance plantscaping options. Our stock includes several species of crabapple, chokeberry, butterfly bush, speckled alder, northern bayberry, bearberry, buttonbush and more. Like deciduous trees, our shrubs typically start shipping in November as the plants fall dormant.

Cold Stream Farm is a bare root tree and shrub nursery specializing in plants for wildlife habitats and landscaping. We have been providing plants to wholesale and retail customers throughout the Midwest since 1978. Contact us today by calling 231-464-5809 to reserve your fall trees and shrubs.